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Music Never Sleeps in a Piano City by FurFurTheFurryMouse Music Never Sleeps in a Piano City by FurFurTheFurryMouse
So I was meaning to put this up when I finished this which was back in June.

This is my Senior Project :D I started this my Junior year with the first couple of buildings. The buildings are made out of clay and when they are put up all together, they make a piano. I couldn't choose just any one color for the buildings because I feel like they would stand out too much unless I used red which seemed to be overused by 3 other walls. I had so much space left over since this whole wall was for me to play around with so I decided to go with Jason Chen's Music Never Sleep logo. I thought his logo/slogan/whatever you want to call it fit perfectly in this project since the wall is black making it like a night sky. Originally, I planned to make the owl drip color onto the clay pieces to make it seem like the owl colored the city with music but I did the owl a week before my last day so the art teacher wouldn't allow me to do whatever I wanted. I also planned on having cut up, broken instruments to help with the empty space all around and make it more lively. I asked the music teacher if he had any broken instruments that were broken beyond repair that I could have and I took them apart and had the art teacher get them sliced in half. Even though I didn't get to do everything I originally had planned for, I at least got what I wanted finished and I hope for the next person who decides to continue to work on this puts forth their own creativity into this wall so I can take another picture :D

Oh yeah, one of my friends did the other walls making it look like instruments were graffitied to the walls

I'm really glad I finished this while my music teacher finished his last year as he is now retired from teaching. I wanted to show him something awesome he could look at whenever he wasn't teaching or conducting the band or chorus. He is the best band director any high school kid could ever have and I thank him for being there for my last year of high school. If you ever see this Mr. Watson, thanks for the 4 years of high school and the 4 years of district band in both middle school and elementary school Clap 

You guys should check out Jason Chen at:
YouTube:… (I recommend checking out Best Friend first because that's what got me into listening to his music :D)
Official Site:

I got an awesome friend who bought me one of his shirts from his online store:
MLP-SWIRLS359 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Student Artist
thats rlly cool~!
FurFurTheFurryMouse Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks :D
MLP-SWIRLS359 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Student Artist
no prob!
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August 2, 2014
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